Soul Jar Potion Bottle
Soul Jar Potion Bottle
Soul Jar Potion Bottle

Soul Jar Potion Bottle

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The soul jar is designed for holding your potions and brews for contacting the other side, divination, psychism, etc. These potion bottles are designed for the discerning witch who loves having that old world witchy look to her sacred space. They come empty so that you can fill them yourself with whatever potion or herb blend you'd like. This bottle has no magickal properties and is strictly for holding your magickal blends in a beautifully representative bottle.

Oddities are specially bottled for maximum potency by a powerful witch in an Enchanted Garden who can only be reached by those pure of heart and strong of mind. If you make it through the tasks required she will grant you one rare and powerful item. You won't find more potent ingredients for your spells and potions anywhere else!

These bottles are 5" x 2" x 2", the face is made of polymer clay, and painted. The new bottles come with a silver painted cork and black veil as the crystal balls are no longer available. We are looking for replacements currently. These bottles come empty and unsealed so you can use them to hold your own potions and blends for contacting the other side.

**Black Dahlia Curiosities and Oddities are handmade for decorative use only. Great for decorating a witchy room, as haunted house props, home decor, etc. **

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