Scrying Mirror
Scrying Mirror
Scrying Mirror

Scrying Mirror

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Scrying Mirrors are an ancient form of divination using the reflection of the dark glass to receive hidden messages and reveal secrets about the past, present, or future. Mirrors are gateways to the other side and can be portals for people and things to travel through if they know how so use with care. Mirror dimensions are 8" x 11". The inside board is printed with protective symbols and powerful symbols to boost your accuracy.

Oddities are specially acquired for maximum potency by a powerful witch in an Enchanted Garden who can only be reached by those strong of mind and will. If you make it through the tasks required, she will grant you one rare and powerful item. You won't find more potent ingredients for your spells and potions anywhere else!

**Black Dahlia Curiosities and Oddities are handmade for decorative use only. Great for decorating a witchy room, as haunted house props, home decor, etc. ** For real magick potions check out our main website.

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