Smudging Votives for Cleansing and Purification
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SACRED SMOKE Smudging Votives - Cleansing and Purification

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THE SACRED SMOKE Cleansing Spell Votives are designed to cleanse your space of negative entities and spirits.Only those who are of good intention shall pass through the barrier of your sacred smoke. As one of our top sellers to Paranormal groups and mediums this candle set has a proven track record for cleansing all negative energies with our proprietary blend of Frankincense, White Sage, Black Salt, Dragons Blood, and a few other herbs and oils.White color topped with white sage and white glitter.

These votive candles come charged and adorned with herbs, resins, woods, crushed crystals, and glitter. While I have never had a problem with the extra bits I advise to keep an eye on your candle. If there is any popping or burning just move them away from the flame or pull them out and ring them around the base of your candle.

This listing is for:

♠ Two Votive candles in a box
♠ Instructions for use by the onetime user or veteran practitioner.
♠ Free gift (one per order)
♠ Coupon code for a discount on your next order


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