Protection Spell Crystal Kit
Protection Spell Crystal Kit
Protection Spell Crystal Kit
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Protection Spell Crystal Kit

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Protection Spell Crystal Kit is made with stones that crystal workers use to help create a protective shield and bring strength and guidance. Each stone in this set was chosen based on it's energy output and ability to protect your from negativity. Crystals can be used in grids, placed around the home, on your person, in mojo bags or poppets, etc.

Crystal Correspondences in Crystal Magick:

Black Tourmaline: is said to be the most protective and grounding crystal. It is believed to protect against all forms of negative energies, including electromagnetic smog (EMF), and geopathic stress.
Selenite: is believed to protect and bring about a calming, angelic quality into the home. Black Tourmaline is a protective shield and Selenite the guardian angel.
Tiger's Eye: is believed to be used for relieving scattered energies if you are feeling drained or uncertain. It keeps you grounded, encourages optimism and lifts your mood!
Hematite: Is a powerful grounding stone for the energy you use as well as a great stone for protection.

This listing is for ONE:

♠ Protection Spell Crystal Kit packaged in a black organza bag with a Pentacle charm attached and small vial of dressing oil
♠ Free Cleansing Kit Gift (one per order)
♠ Discount code for your next purchase.

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