PROTECTION CHARM - Necklace, Braid, Ladder, Ribbon
PROTECTION CHARM - Necklace, Braid, Ladder, Ribbon
Protection Spell Kit
Black Dahlia Boutique

PROTECTION CHARM - Necklace, Braid, Ladder, Ribbon

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This PROTECTION CHARM ribbon kit is designed from a charm used by witches and magick practitioners of old in rituals to bring safety to your space and keep out negative energies. The charm was created and worn to protect the wearer from harm, negative energies, spells, intentions, and spirits. This kit comes with 3 ribbons (2 white and 1 gold), conjure oil, triquetra or pentacle charm, 1 white chime candle, 2x2 baggie of incense, and instructions.

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♠ 1 Protection Charm Spell Kit
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