Poison Apple Gothic Bath Bombs
Poison Apple Gothic Bath Bombs

Poison Apple Gothic Bath Bombs

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Poison Apple Gothic Bath Bombs are a large size at 4" dia. x 2.5" and weighing 8.7 oz. they are perfect for breaking and using up to 3 times. Each bomb is designed with the powerful scents of Apple, Anise, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Chamomile that will bathe you in that enchanting autumn aroma of witchcraft and seduction! 

 The Poison Apple, while deadly, was the most beautiful and enchanting apple Snow White had ever seen. The delicious scent made it irresistible to her. Now you can be as irresistible as the apple. The deadly part is up to you! Keep that beautiful goth skin nourished and irresistible as the apple even through the harsh summer days. 

Our ingredients:

Baking Soda handles and soothes sun damage, and smooths and softens skin. 

Citric Acid is an anti-aging component that helps reveal your healthy, radiant skin underneath.  

Sea Salt can help ease achy muscles and joints. stimulate circulation. and calm irritated skin.

Shea butter replaces elasticity in the skin, treats acne and blemishes, and moisturizes dry skin. 

Avocado oil nourishes and moisturizes, relieves inflammation, treats and prevents acne, and promotes healing the skin. 

Each bomb is made with liquid dye or painted with mica and contains Polysorbate 80 to minimize color collection on your tub or skin. 

This listing is for ONE:

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