Pennyroyal for Strength, Endurance, Protection, Success
Pennyroyal, Organic - Strength, Endurance, Protection, Success
Pennyroyal, Organic - Strength, Endurance, Protection, Success
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Pennyroyal, Organic - Strength, Endurance, Protection, Success

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Worn by magick shop owners to bring success to business. Herbalists use Pennyroyal for blends and spells trying to bring protection, healing, and keeping others from thinking negatively about you. Great for use in blends to see past lives or place in your show before travel to keep away weariness.

Pennyroyal was given to sailors to avoid seasickness or for physical strength & endurance. It can be used to deter fleas, as a vapor to relieve nasal congestion, and as a tea to cleanse the body of toxins. Be extremely careful when drinking Pennyroyal as it has caused death in infants and miscarriages in pregnant women. Never use Pennyroyal essential oil ever!

Herbs come packaged in either a 3" x 4" baggie, a decorated 1 oz. volume glass vial, or 4 oz. volume French Square bottle. Choose your style from the drop down menu.


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