Luna Sol HEXING Spell Bottle
Luna Sol HEXING Spell Bottle

Luna Sol HEXING Spell Bottle

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Luna Sol Hexing Spell Bottle is designed to help you bring chaos and pain to those who have wronged you! Make sure no one ever screws with you again. This bottle is made with Anise, Pennyroyal, Sandalwood, Juniper, Cinnamon, and as well as a Quartz crystal chips.


Luna Sol Spell bottles are designed to work with the power of the Sun and Moon to manifest your desires quickly and with intention. Each bottle is filled with herbs, oils, glitter, and crystal chips specially formulated to bring power to your manifestations. Each bottle is sealed with spell candle wax and a chunk of Copal Resin to boost and amplify your power.  These spell bottles are small but pack immense magick if the ritual is performed correctly. Exact instructions are included. Use responsibly. 


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Luna Sol Hexing Spell Bottle

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