Love Spell Crystal Kit
Love Spell Crystal Kit
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Love Spell Crystal Kit

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Love Spell Crystal Kit is made with stones that crystal workers use to enhance the feelings of love around you! This kit is used to find romantic love, new friends, boost love within a family, etc. Fill your life with loving energy! Crystals can be used in grids, placed around the home, on your person, in mojo bags or poppets, etc.

Crystal Correspondences in Crystal Magick:

Hematite: strengthens the rest of the crystals while grounding any wild energy to reduce backlash!
Garnet: is a sensual stone. It represents the creation of the world from chaos, purification and love.
Quartz: is believed to have the ability to amplify subtle energies around it.
Rose Quartz: is said to have high energy, and can enhance love in virtually any situation Bringing love into life and daily situations

This listing is for ONE:

♠ Love Spell Crystal Kit packaged in a red organza bag with a heart charm attached and a small vial of dressing oil
♠ Free gift (one per order)
♠ Discount code for your next purchase.

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