Jewels & Dahlias Wax Melts
Jewels & Dahlias Wax Melts

Jewels & Dahlias Wax Melts

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Jewels & Dahlias Candle Melts come in a 3x2x2 black box and are made of soy wax, essential fragrance oil, and fine glitter. Each box comes with 4 oz. of jewels and dahlia flower wax melts pieces. Just place the desired amount in your melter and enjoy the scent and the beautiful look of the glittery wax. The color for each scent are: 

Black Dahlia – Dark Purple w/ Black glitter

Crowley – Black w/ Silver glitter

Fortune Teller – Light Green w/ Green. Gold, and Purple glitter

Green Faerie – Dark Green Color w/ Gold and Green glitter

Hunter’s Hunted – Dark Green w/ Brown glitter

Lilith’s Kiss – White w/ Red glitter

Nevermore – Dark Blue w/ Black glitter

Poison Apple  White w/ Red glitter

Samhain – Orange w/ Black glitter

Smoke & Mirrors – White w/ Silver glitter

Spirit Board – Tan w/ Black glitter

Wolf Moon - Dark Blue w/ Silver glitter

This listing comes with ONE box:

♠ Wax Melts 4 oz.
♠ Instructions for use
♠ Free gift
♠ Coupon code for a discount on your next order

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