Fortune Teller Body Mist

Fortune Teller Body Mist

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Fortune Teller Body Mist is designed with the woody aroma of a Vargo wagon perfumed with the earthy scent of Patchouli entwined with a vine of Ylang - Ylang to sprinkle this blend with power and magic. This nourishing mist satisfies the skin by adding a final layer of silk and hydration. To really seal in moisture apply after the shower on a lightly towel-dried, but still damp body.

Fortune Tellers are revered in modern day culture for being mysterious, sexy, fierce, and powerful. A curse could destroy your life while a blessing could bring you prosperity and abundance beyond your wildest dreams. When most of us hear the word Fortune Teller we think of psychics with crystal balls, tarot cards, the ability to communicate with spirits, as well as curses that can turn you into a werewolf!

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