Gothic Bats Pendulum and Answer Board Kit
Gothic Bats Pendulum and Answer Board Kit
Gothic Bats Pendulum and Answer Board Kit
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Gothic Bats Pendulum and Answer Board Kit

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Pendulums are a great tool for getting answers to your questions. The answer can come from your higher consciousness or other spirits depending on the intention of it’s use and who you choose to ask. These kits are used by holding the pendulum between your thumb and first finger over the answer board and focus on your question. The pendulum will start to swing in the direction of your answer. 

Each board is painted with chalkboard paint so that you can write any answer options you'd like on it which means you are no longer limited to just Yes or No questions. The back of this board is decorated with scrapbook paper, paint and sealed. The edge is painted black with glitter. We currently have quartz or amethyst pendulums available to choose from.

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