Garnet for Passion, Lust, Courage
Tumbled Garnet crystal for Passion, Lust, and Courage
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Garnet, Tumbled - Passion, Lust, Courage

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Garnet is closely associated with the powers of elemental Earth and Fire, Garnet is a stone of passion and courage. It is a favorite of Dragons drawing on their protective powers and helping the bearer communicate with them and learn their great secrets. The tumbled stone symbolizes the energy of raw, wild magic and is ideal for spells and rituals where you need to draw on high concentrations of power.

Sacred to the Goddess Isis, Garnet was believed to be solidified drops of her blood. Wearing the stone brings you under her influence and helps you to pass between the worlds with ease. 

This listing is for THREE:

♠ Tumbled Garnet approx. 1/2" - 3/4" packaged in a baggie with a crystal card label
♠ Free Cleansing Kit Gift (one per order)
♠ Discount code for your next purchase.

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