Faerie Sugar Herbal Sweetner Blend
Faerie Sugar Herbal Sweetner Blend
Faerie Sugar Herbal Sweetner Blend

Faerie Sugar Herbal Sweetner Blend

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Faerie Sugar sweetener is a mixture of sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg that tastes so delicious the faeries enjoy it themselves! This blend can be used to sweeten anything from coffee, cookies, oatmeal, toast, pancakes, muffins, etc. My most favorite use of this spice blend was to make Fairy Milk for my kids when they couldn't sleep. Just slightly heat a cup of milk and stir in this mix. You can add a bit of honey as well. DELICIOUS! This sugar comes in a 4 oz. French Square jar.

“The witch gathers her power and tools preparing to change her path! She closes her eyes and takes deep breathes to create a space of power; she grounds and centers to prepare for her work! She charges her sugar with power and purpose to attract the power of the Fae to her life; prepared to make magickal meals and drinks! She consumes the magick with her delicious treat and now the great work can begin!”

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