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Element candles are designed to inspire the energy of that element in your space or magick. These candles can be placed at the Element Points during ritual, or used as standalone magick candles. Each candle is colored and scented to match the properties of its element and is wrapped with a parchment label containing information about the element.

These pillar candles come charged and adorned with herbs, resins, woods, crushed crystals, and/or glitter. While I have never had a problem with the extra bits I advise to keep an eye on your candle. If there is any popping or burning just move them away from the flame or pull them out and ring them around the base of your candle.


The element AIR represents the power of the mind, intellect, inspiration, and imagination. It inspires ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. Air is the element of new life and new possibilities and is essential to spells and rituals of travel, instruction, finding lost items, some types of divination, and freedom. Connected to the direction east, and Air spirits are visualized as Sylphs. Air Element Pillar is yellow color with a gold glitter top scented with a blend of Orange, Lavender, Almond, and light airy scents.


The Element EARTH represents prosperity, stability, security, and abundance! It inspires growth within yourself or through success and financial gain. Earth is the element of growth and prosperity. Connected to the direction north in ritual, and is associated with the Goddess as the ultimate feminine energy. Earth spirits are visualized as Gnomes. Earth element pillar is green with a green glitter top scented with a blend of Pine, Oakmoss, Patchouli, and other earthy scents.


The Element FIRE represents Confidence, Purification, Sex, and Leadership! It inspires strength through passion and courage! Fire is the element of the heart and PASSION. Connected to the direction south, Fire spirits are visualized as Salamanders. Fire element pillar is Red with a red glitter topscented with a blend of Cedar, Cinnamon, Clove, and other spicy scents.


The element WATER represents the power of emotion and intuition. It inspires health, beauty, insight, and fertility. Water is the element of the womb and all the beauty and power that comes from birth and life. Connected to the direction west, Water spirits are visualized as Undine’s. Water is the element of love, intuition, emotion, fertility and divination. Water element pillar is blue color with a blue glitter top, scented with a blend of Ylang–Ylang, Gardenia, White Tea, and other fresh scents.


The element SPIRIT represents the power of mediation, spirituality and connection. It inspires magick, energy work, and death. Spirit is the element of the veil and our connection through all boundaries to the rest of existence. The binding force between all the other elements, the collective unconscious of all life. It is the embodiment of the phrase "As Above, So Below." Spirit element pillar is white color with a white glitter top, scented with a blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Vetiver and other mysterious scents.


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