DARK GODDESS Bath Tea - Goddess Invocation, Women's Mysteries
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DARK GODDESS Bath Tea - Goddess Invocation, Women's Mysteries

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“The witch gathers her power and tools preparing to change her path! She lights a candle and fills the bath hanging the herb sachet from the faucet As she relaxes in the tub she invokes the power of the Goddess and feels that power fill her soul and space. She dries herself while holding her vision the magick has been done! She is prepared for further spells or can carry this magick through the day.”

DARK GODDESS Bath Tea is designed with an amazing blend of herbs and crystals used by witches in powerful rites to help boost their powerful! This bath tea is great for relaxing before invoking the power of the Goddess and the moon!

This bath tea can also be used as an herbal steam! Dark Goddess is created with Dandelion, White Sage, Hibiscus, Clover, Hyssop, Calendula, Hawthorn and infused with the power of a Selenite crystal. Comes with a 3x4 Purple Organza bag.

Bath teas come in 8 oz. jar

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♠ 1 jar of Bath Teas and organza bag
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