Cancer Zodiac Pyramid Candle
Cancer Zodiac Pyramid Candle
Cancer Zodiac Pyramid Candle

Cancer Zodiac Pyramid Candle

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Cancer Zodiac Pyramid Candle, thoughtfully crafted to amplify the positive qualities of Cancer while assisting in navigating the challenging aspects. Cancers naturally excel as caretakers and protectors within their chosen circle, whether it's family or friends, often serving as the glue that binds the group together. However, their inherent sensitivity can occasionally manifest as moodiness or reserve.

One of Cancer's unique traits is their penchant for collecting. It's not merely about the material value; instead, it's the sentimental attachment that draws them. These cherished objects hold treasured memories close to the Cancer's heart.

A magnificent 12 oz. centerpiece designed to enhance the power of Cancer this exceptional candle features a captivating design, with a white top and a grey bottom layer embedded with a genuine Quartz stone at the front, symbolizing the essence of the Crab.

To amplify your rituals and intentions, this candle comes complete with a 10g vial of Witches Salt, a potent tool for cleansing and protection. Additionally, an 8g vial of our exclusive Aquarius blend power oil is included, allowing you to anoint yourself or objects of significance with its transformative energy.

To further personalize your practice, three petition papers are provided, enabling you to articulate your desires and intentions clearly. Whether it's for spell work, manifestation, or divination, these petition papers serve as a channel to focus and amplify your intentions.

Unleash the power of Cancer with our exquisite Zodiac Pillars. Embrace your nurturing nature, find solace in sentimental treasures, and let the magic of the Cancer energy guide you on your path of emotional depth and profound connections.


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