Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a relational matrix of ten divine emanations through which God creates, sustains, and directs all worlds.  Like God, the Tree is omnipresent, and exists eternally, beyond time itself.  The emanations of the Tree are called Sefirot (singular: Sefirah), and through them, God's holiness is revealed and given to us.  They are "the song that God sings" as Jason Shulman says.  The Tree is holographic: each Sefirah contains the whole Tree.  The Tree of Life ongoingly creates reality, sustains all worlds in each and every moment, and directs and holds everything with universal law and the Ever-flow of Abundance (Shefa).

  • The Tree teaches us about relationship, which is the whole purpose of Creation.  In addition, it is a map of consciousness that expresses the relationship between us and the heavenly realm.
  • As we become familiar with the Tree of Life, we begin to perceive it as a glorious light that beckons us to come closer to God.  At the same time, the divine light of the Tree is a call to God, a source of blessing, and also a structure to support us to stand on the Earth.

God is personality as well as principle.  The Tree of Life is an eternal emanation of the Divine principle, and it lives and emanates within each unique human personality.  Every human being is a Tree of Life: we all have the powers or attributes that correspond to the divine Sefirot.  When you sit down and think deeply about the powers of your soul, your deepest Self, it is possible to comprehend aspects of the Sefirot.  Conversely, seeking and meditating on the Sefirot teaches us about our essence. 

For example, the drive to achieve mastery or the ambition to accomplish something in the world, is an expression of Netzach.  The more human will is aligned with the Divine will, or a higher purpose is sought and served, the more Netzach is present.  Experiencing Netzach can help sustain our efforts and desires in our vocation, relationships, etc. because Netzach is victory.  And balancing Netzach's relationship with other Sefirot, especially Hod and Tiferet, heals and polishes us and our work.

It is possible to look at any aspect of life and see the imprint of the Tree of Life, to sense the eternal vibration of its emanations.  By establishing a relationship with the Sefirot - studying their character and personality, their gifts and possible distortions here on the Earth plane - we can discover and align with our essence, we can glimpse our life's purpose, we can receive healing and strength.  The Tree can be seen as the foundation or the structural framework that creates all the events of our lives. 

For example, Yesod (Foundation) is connected to sexuality and the core of our desire-body.  As we all know, we often want things that are not good for us and don't serve us, or life or God.  All addictions for example.  These problems can be understood as an imbalance in the relationship of Netzach (Victory) and Hod (Splendor).  Or it could be the foundational force within us lacking the leadership of Tiferet (Beauty).  Or we are deeply refusing the abundance of Keter.  

When we are familiar with the Tree in this way, we can hold onto it - it can support us, when we are in suffering or in despair.  The emanations of the Sefirot give us everything that we need.,