Refill Program

Black Dahlia Boutiques is committed to providing all natural and sustainable products with an eye for luxury and sophistication. To this end we offer refills in plain, resealable bags for some items and a low cost return & refill option for other items that can't go into a bag to allow you to refill your decorative or plastic containers rather than have to purchase the same container repeatedly to enjoy your favorite gothic bath products or spell supplies. 

How Does It Work? 

Bath Salts, Body Creams, and Coconut Oil Sea Salt Scrubs refills can be purchased directly through these links: SaltsCreams, or Scrubs

Body Milks, Body Creams, Perfume Oils, and Body Mists need to be returned to be refilled. If the bottles and jars are still of good, reusable quality they can be shipped back to us to be refilled and returned. Details on this option will come in your package when you purchase these items.