Protection Spells

Sanctuary Spell

Circle perimeter dropping the crushed shells of an egg mixed with Course ground sea salt, angelica, red brick powder, and lavender. Light five candles, that have been laid out in a pentacle formation in the center of your sanctuary, in a clock wise manner. Light the candles and then Circle them chanting:

Violence restrained and demons disarmed
Within these walls no soul can be harmed.

Protection Talisman

This bottle is made for protecting yourself or loved ones from negative energies, spirits, and people. Also make one if you intend to cast a curse or any black magic and protect yourself from possible negative consequences of those actions.

The witch bottle can also be used to remove the curse from a family, protect a family from the evil eye curse and other troubles. Wait for a full moon and begin the ritual at midnight. Make sure nobody interferes or distracts you.  Draw a protection circle. Light a red or white candle.

You need a clean bottle. A transparent colorless bottle will absorb the negative energy and disperse it in the ambient atmosphere, creating a small abnormal zone and at the same time weakening the absorbed negative energies. A non-transparent bottle will accumulate and concentrate the evil spell and energy. This type is good if you plan to return the negativity back to the sender.

Fill it with nails, open pins, metal shavings half full. These objects will absorb the curse and “magnetize” any negative energy. Say:

Mother-Earth, please, protect me. Sharp nails, pins and shavings, protect me and my home from curses and all sorts of negative energy.”

Fill the remaining space of the bottle with some herbal decoction of St. John’s wort, nettle, laurel, onion, mint, pine, garlic. While pouring the liquid in the bottle, say,

Mother-Earth, please, protect me. Water, herbs, salt, clear me and my home of curses, envy and enemies.”

Add plenty of salt not less than three tablespoons of salt per a glass of water. Salt represents the Earth element which neutralizes the influence of curses, including evil eye while water helps distribute the effect of salt uniformly.

Add something biological to the bottle to connect it to you (or your target). With this component, the witch bottle effect will be aimed exactly at this very person. Fill the bottle  full, cork it up tightly, and pour some wax from the burning candle over it.

Leave everything on the table and let the candle burn down. Leave the circle and rub it out. The next day, go to the country. Go to the field and come up to where a forest begins.

Dig the bottle in a hole deep. Make sure nobody finds or breaks it accidentally. A broken talisman will let all the evil forces out and the one who breaks it will receive a high dose of powerful, concentrated negative energy. If using for a curse place where they will break it.

The magical bottle effect will last for 3-5 years. After that, you should make a new bottle and repeat the curse removal ritual.

Uncrossing Spell

Light the incense and sit for a few moments.  Think about and feel the pain of the negative things you are casting away. Write them in as much detail as possible on a piece of paper. Once you've finished writing out the negatives spend some time thinking about the positive things you want to attract after releasing the negative. Write them on a piece of paper in as much detail as possible.

Take the White Candle and carve your name & zodiac symbol into the candle. In the center of the candle carve the negative (-) symbol. Dress the candle with uncrossing oil. Take the Black Candle and carve your name & zodiac symbol into the candle. In the center of the candle carve the positive (+) symbol. Dress the candle with uncrossing oil.

Put the candles to the side and place the glass dish in front of you.  Take the nine bay leaves and place them around the bottom of the dish one by one. Then take the piece of paper with the negatives written on it and fold it in half.  Place the paper on the left side of the dish on top of the bay leaves. Then sit the white candle (-) on top of the folded piece of paper.  Now take the paper with the positives written on it.  Fold it in half and place it on the right side of the dish on top of the bay leaves. Put the black candle (+) on top of it. 

Sprinkle the rosemary around the candles and in the dish, then salt, then iron fillings. Pour the water into the dish (just enough to cover the bottom of the dish). Pour the Florida water into the dish (at least three tablespoons.) Now it's time to light the candles starting with the white candle.  Light the white candle and say the spell 3 times:

This flame is lit to burn away the bad

Negativity is cast out and all obstacles removed

I release myself from negativity both acquired and self -made (repeat x3)

As the candle burns visualize the negativity leave as the positive comes in. Once you've let the white candle burn for a few minutes light the black candle and say:

I light this candle as a beacon for

light, positivity and protection.

I am grounded

I am peaceful

I am free

I am capable

I am love (repeat x3)

As I Say So It Shall Be Done

Watch the candle burn while you visualize bringing all the positive things written on the paper beneath the candle into your life.  The iron filings are pulling them toward you, the herbs are protecting and drawing the positive to you and the salt and water continue to cleanse and purify.  If you have to put the candles out, snuff them out and relight them starting with the white candle. When the candles have burned out completely bury the contents of the glass dish outside, in potted plant, put it in a body of water and let it float away, whatever works for you. Once you've discarded it walk away knowing the negative is behind you and the positive is just ahead of you.

Banish a Bad Habit

Take nine strands of hair from the person wanting to be rid of the habit. Wind the hair around an iron nail and secure. Name aloud the person’s name and the habit they want to be rid of. If needed this can also be done silently for privacy. Hammer the nail into a wooden post. As the nail rusts the habit will disappear from the afflicted.

Evil Eye Protection Charm

Paint a blue eye on A disk-make it realistic or stylized. If you like, decorate a 4”-6” long and 1” thick white ribbon with symbols and designs that represent protection. When the paint dries, attach the ribbon to the bottom of the disk.

Affix a hook on the back of the disk. Hang the amulet inside your home, near the front door. Each time you enter or leave your home, touch the eye amulet for good luck and to reinforce your intention.

Hex Breaker Spell

While you are performing the spell, carry some rosemary at all times. Write the person's name on the piece of yellow paper. If you're not sure of the name of the person who's placing the curse on you (or if there is more than one possible source), just write down the words ''enemy mine.'' Using a red pen, draw a figure of a doll shape around the name and then cut out the shape with your scissors. Lay the paper doll face down on the red cloth and sprinkle it with some Angelica. Tie the red ribbon around the middle of the paper doll and then wrap it up in the red cloth. Hold the wrapped doll in your hand tightly and repeat these words:

Enemy mine your power is gone

The hex is broken The spell undone

Your power is banished

Your dark magick vanished

From this day on I grow strong.

Place the doll in a black cloth and keep closed. Keep on your altar until spell is completed. Perform this chant for 3 consecutive nights at midnight. On the next Night unwrap the paper doll and tear it into nine pieces, then burn it. Scatter the ashes far from your home and Discard the remaining red cloth.

Click HERE for the kit to cast this spell.

Justice Spell

Light a dressed purple candle with JUSTICE and the names of those who have wronged you carved into it’s surface.

Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea.

Bring justice now, I ask of thee!

Right the wrongs that have been done,

Avenge me now, Oh mighty one.

And heap upon them karmic debt

Lest they all too soon forget

Their wrongful actions, words and deeds

Don’t let them get away scot free.

Bring them forth from where they hide

Bring swift justice-wield your knife.

Hasten, Dark One, hear my plea,

do what  it is I ask of thee.


Forgiveness Spell

Light an orange candle. Meditate on the situation and who needs forgiveness. Write down the wrong doing on a piece of paper. If you need forgiveness write down all the emotions that go with the wrong act. If you need to forgive write down the emotions keeping you from being able to do it. Place the paper in a bowl of salt water and say:

I wash away all hurt and pain
I wash away deep wounds like rain
All cross words and guilt depart
Let deep forgiveness heal the heart

Blow out the candle and pour the water and paper into the ground. Now is the time to have a conversation with the other party.


This is a collection of spells from various sources in print, online, written by us or friends, etc. All have been tried by at least one person in our group and received positive results is why they were chosen for this page. 


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