Power Spells

Prophetic Dreams Spell

Use any of the following: Citrine, amethyst, clear quartz. Use beads, tumbled stones, or crystals. Take a length of silver wire or silver-colored ribbon. If using beads, string them onto the ribbon or wire. If using a stone or crystal, wrap it in the wire until secure or tie it in the ribbon. Charge the charm in moonlight, preferably during the waxing or full moon. To receive prophetic dreams, take the charm in your receptive hand and recite:

Moonlit charm of psychic stone
Let my future soon be known
Fill my head till light of day
    Send prophetic dreams my way


Meditate with the charm still in your receptive hand, focusing on your intentions. Visualize the charm emitting moonlight, glowing with psychic energy. Place it under your pillow and go to sleep knowing that your dreams will be clear, vivid, and prophetic.

Banish Nightmares

Sit in the dark in your bedroom, put a white or silver ribbon around a white candle, and light. Watch the flame burning for couple of minutes and relax. Then close your eyes and imagine beautiful scenes which are related to emotions of happiness and peace for you. Meditate for as long as you wish. When you feel relaxed and able to focus on one single thing, approach the window, holding the burning candle in your hands, and look at the Moon. Say these words:

The Moon is my friend
forever to shine,
bringing serenity
and peace of mind.
Go away, evil dreams,
All is not as it seems
Go far away, leave my sight,
Let me have my happy nights.


Repeat until you feel it’s time to stop. Extinguish the flame, take off the ribbon, and put it around your wrist before going to bed. Leave the candle and a piece of silver on your window till the next morning. Remove the candle and silver piece as well as the silver ribbon from your wrist. You can repeat this ritual 1-3 times a week or just when needed. Use the same ribbon and replace the candle  as it’s used up. It can be done on any  night of the week.


Awaken Your Third Eye

Perform this spell 3 days before the moon is full, and preferably in the house of Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, to enhance psychic powers.

Brew a strong tea made of Yarrow and Mugwort. Light 3 purple candles. Drink the tea and then gaze into a scrying mirror or crystal ball. Chant 3 times:

I invoke the power of Azrael, Archangel of Neptune
and ruler of clairvoyant powers.
I ask you now to open my third eye and
show me the hidden light.
Let me see the future
Let me see the past
Let me receive the divine,
kingdoms of the unknown
Let me understand the wisdom
of the mysterious universe.
So it shall be.

After chanting, relax, breathe slowly, concentrate on opening your third eye. See it and feel it open. Push any negative thoughts out. Let the candles burn out.

Halt Gossip

Cut a doll shape out of a yellow piece of paper with a black marker. Draw a face on the doll with an open mouth. and write the name of your enemy on the doll.  Use a needle and black thread to sew up the doll's lips and chant the following spell:

If nothing but ill from your lips can fall,
let there be nothing from them at all

Put the doll representing him/her in the smelliest, darkest place you can find. Very soon the person should be feeling ill whenever they want to speak badly of you.


This is a collection of spells from various sources in print, online, written by us or friends, etc. All have been tried by at least one person in our group and received positive results is why they were chosen for this page. 


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