Money Spells

Get the Job Spell

With a pin or sharp knife, write the name of the company or the position you desire on the side of a green candle. On a red candle, you need to carve your name and the victory rune, Tiwaz

Light both candles and visualize yourself as if you already got the job. Start with the candles about 6” apart and move closer together as they burn. By the time the candles burn out they should be right next to each other. While you are moving the candles closer open a green cloth and empty some prosperity or money herbs into it.

Visualize doing the job you are trying to get. See yourself working with your coworkers. Pour this energy into the herbs. Using your finger line the outside of the cloth with dots of a charging oil. See yourself out spending the money you earned from this company. Add a coin and a nut to the bag.

Tie up the cloth into a bag and hold it in your hands. Pour all your energy, wishes, and desires for this job into the bag. FEEL the power dripping from it. Keep the bag on you during the application and interview.



Business Success Spell

Write your intention in  the front cover or first few pages of a planner. Place a dressed petition paper in there as well along with your business card.

Prepare a business success candle by dressing a white candle with success (Bergamot. Lemongrass, and Clove) oil and wealth (Basil and Cinnamon) oils, gold glitter, and Herbs (Patchouli, Clove, Cinnamon, and Basil would work). Carve your name, business name, birth date for you and the business, and any symbols onto the side of the candles.  Visualize your business booming as you do this.

Ring bell. Wave the candle through some success incense (ginger, orange, cinnamon, clove) 3 times clock wise. Pound the candle on the altar. Ring bell again.

Place candle in a glass container and put on top of the planner. Allow the candle to burn down over several days. Pay attention to the flame to see how your spell is progressing! 


Gain Money Spell

Anoint a small green candle with wealth oil (cinnamon, basil, patchouli), starting from the top of the candle and moving to the center, and then from the bottom of the candle and again to the center. Then, carve symbols of wealth onto the candle. You can carve dollar signs, runes for wealth, or even relevant words. Remember that as you anoint and carve your candle, you should be clearly visualizing and focusing on your goal. When your candle is prepared, light it and chant the following words:

I’m open to wealth, like the earth to the rain
My fortunes are low, I seek financial gain
I ask for more wealth, but just that which I need
This spell shall be cast for good and not greed

Let the candle burn down. As the candle burns, sit before it and imagine, as clearly as you can, receiving more money. Do not try to imagine any specific way that this would happen it will happen as it is meant to happen. Simply visualize your wallet filling with cash, or your savings growing, or anything similar. Focus intently on your desire and your need, and strongly will it to happen. When the candle is done burning, or when you snuff it out, collect some of the dripped wax after it has become solid again. Wrap the wax, a piece of paper with the amount of money you need written on it, and herbs (cinnamon, basil, patchouli) in a dollar bill and imagine it glowing with green light. Imagine that this light is attractive energy that will draw money to you. Wrap the bill with a green ribbon to seal. When you feel ready, end your ritual and close your circle. Then, take the dollar bill and put it in your wallet or wherever you keep your money. It will draw money to you and remind you of the work you did.


Accomplish a Goal

Write your goal on a piece of paper and put it in the dish. Sprinkle with the incense and light the paper. As it burns, concentrate on your goal coming to fruition and say:

Smoke into the Cosmos go

So the universe will know

I need assistance to achieve

This goal that I have set for me.

Repeat this spell every day for a week while working toward your goal.


Success Spell

Find a sunny place to work, if possible. Cast a circle and center yourself, focusing on your intentions. Fill a planter pot with soil until it is full enough so that when you place the seed in the pot and cover it, it will be buried at the right depth (research the plant you chose to see how deep it should be planted). Imagine the soil filled with bright energy. Run your hands through it and charge it with your intentions. Then place the seed into the pot and cover it with soil while reciting:

This seed of success I carefully sow

I’ll nurture it and help it grow

I’ll give it care and keep it strong

Success will be mine before long

Then take a jar of rain water and hold it up in sunlight. Speak the following words:

I charge this water with light from above

I bless it now with strength and love

Hold it in the sunlight for a minute or two, visualizing the sun’s light filling it with energy. Then pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot. Say one final incantation over it:

The seed is planted, and it will grow

And as it does, success I’ll know

Close your circle and place the plant in a sunny window. If you like, bury a charm for luck in the soil. Care for your plant with love. Give it what it needs to thrive. Always water it with sun-charged water, and use rainwater whenever possible. If it needs more space for its roots, put it in a bigger pot or plant it outside. Trees will definitely need to be planted outside once the sapling grows too large. Keep your plant  healthy because, of course, it represents your success.



This is a collection of spells from various sources in print, online, written by us or friends, etc. All have been tried by at least one person in our group and received positive results is why they were chosen for this page. 


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