~ Love Spells

 All the spells and charms in this section are designed to help you attract love without imposing your will on other people. The spells on this page are focused on romance, friendship, beauty, confidence, self-esteem, lust, sex, passion, unconditional love, and helping improve the amount of love you put out in the world yourself.  Click the links and pics to get some powerful kits for bringing love, in any form, from friendship to a fling to soul mates:




Spells for Love of All Kinds

Finding Love

Take the rose quartz and set it on your altar. Sprinkle the witches salt in a circle around it and then take the water and put some salt in it. Place the rose quartz in the salt water and put your power hand over the water with the stone in it and say three times:

Love of mine
Hear my plea
Let my stone
Bring you to me


Dry the stone off and carry it with you until you've attracted a lover!


Broken Heart Balm

Melt 1/4 cup beeswax and Love Conjure Oil (or mix 1/4 cup olive oil over low heat, add 6 drops rose and 2 drops ylang-ylang, and toss in 1/4 tsp. crushed chamomile flowers and rose petals). Pour into container and allow to cool. Rub the oil on your skin at your heart center. Feel it gently soothing the pain. Take several slow, deep breaths, inhaling the pleasant scent, letting it calm your thoughts and emotions. Repeat each night and each morning until your sadness diminishes.


Friendship Spell

Light a friendship candle (or pink candle dressed with oil of chamomile and lavender). Focus on finding friendship as you cast. Braid three pieces of thread (1 ea. Red, white, and blue) together while you repeat these words:

"Thread of the red, the blue, and the white,

Weave your Magic Spell tonight"

Now take three feathers and tie the stalks of the feathers onto your colorful braid. They should be tied at evenly spaced intervals. Then repeat these words:

"Thread of red, the blue, and the white

Weave your Magic Spell tonight

All that I deserve now bring

When I touch the feathers and string

Cast this Spell and make it true

One for the white, for red and blue"

Then tie the braid around your wrist to make a magic bracelet. Whether you'd like to strengthen or find a new friendship, touch one feather at a time and make a wish.


Beauty Spell

Light patchouli incense and a candle specifically designed for beauty. Disrobe and anoint the parts of your body you would like to change with power oil. If you are going for an all over make-over, anoint your forehead, your breastbone, the center of your belly, each wrist and behind each knee. Pass a mirror through the smoke of the incense, then raise it over your head, reflective surface facing the moon.

 Visualize the moonlight flowing through the mirror and enhancing your beauty. See yourself transform into how you want to look. Say:

 Wood and Wind, Ember and Mist

Grant your blessed child's wish

Sacred Mother charge this mirror

Let your light make beauty clearer

Wrap it in your gentle glow

So that tis all it ever shows.


Confidence Spell

On an altar or table, make a ring of pink and white rose petals and set up a candle in the center. Before you light it, think of your best traits and concentrate on those for a few minutes. Light the candle. Repeat the following:

May my inner light shine

 With love and power Divine

Meditate on being confident and amazing! Think of the traits you feel insecure about and feel pride swelling inside you for those traits. Blow out the candle when you’re done and go out into the world with your newfound confidence!


Keep a Group Together

Light a candle for focus and to represent pure intention and light of your God/ess. Focus on the flame and see in your mind’s eye your intention to remain together as one family in one home. See it as if it has already happened along with any goals that need accomplished, or obstacles needed to be overcome to get there. Pour some witches salt into a container. Place pictures of everyone in the jar with the herbs and crystals if you chose to use them. Pour another layer of salt over that or fill the rest of the container. Hold container in your hands. See a white light surround you coming from within.

Now see this light join with a brighter light coming down from the heavens (God/ess light) and build energy. While visualizing your goal again see the energy pouring into the container from your hands. When you’re done place the container somewhere in your home. Redo the visualizations, candle, and energy building parts every month on the full moon as needed or desired.


This is a collection of spells from various sources in print, online, written by us or friends, etc. All have been tried by at least one person in our group and received positive results is why they were chosen for this page.