Faerie Magick

Fae magick is using mythological creatures instead of gods and goddesses as the basis of ritual magic. The Fae are not just fairies and pixies, but also gnomes, unicorns, dragons, elves, trolls and other mythological creatures. These creatures lived on our realm in the past but they moved to another realm once man started ruling the earth rather than cohabiting with its inhabitants.

How to learn Fae magick?

Fae magic is not easy to learn. It is steeped in lore and legend rather than guides and tutorials. There are a few things should be done to practice Fae magick:


Each type of Fae has its own type of magick. Identifying which type of Fae magick is suitable is the first step of practicing Fae magick. Pixies are great with glamour's, trolls with guarding and leprechauns with money.

Know the Fae’s limitations

While each Fae is a magickal being, they are not all powerful. Each Fae has limitations and those limitations should be known to the practitioner.

Finding the Fae

While Fae magick can be worked anywhere, it is easier and more powerful if where Fae’s realm meets our realm is found. Traditionally, a fairy ring or ring of mushrooms can be found, but there are other ways to find where the realms meet. Usually, they are found by feeling a difference in an area. It usually feels more magickal and is off the beaten path. Take a walk in the woods, leaving the trails and paths. The Fae are hard to find, so don’t be discouraged.

Creating a magickal space

If a magickal area can’t be found, it can be created. Find or create an area of natural growth and cultivate it. Get to know the area. Fertilize and let it grow. Use the area for spell work and meditation. The more magick that is done in an area, the more likely the Fae will come. They are attracted to the magick. Find what trees, plants and flowers attract a particular type of Fae and build a sanctuary.

Meeting the Fae

Once you meeting area is found or created, prepare to meet the Fae. Bring offerings of sweets, crystals and other pretty and sparkly things. Knowing what a particular type of Fae likes makes this easier. Meditate in the area letting the Fae get use to company. The Fae will come once they are comfortable. Visualize a gateway to the Fae realm and knock on the door. Then talk to them. Tell them about the purpose behind why the presence is requested. Eventually, they will come.

Building trust

The last step to getting started with Fae magick is also the most important step: building trust. The Fae do not trust easily. They expect trickery, deceit and lies. Most Fae will share their knowledge, but they do not want that information getting out to the general public. Only share information and spells with the Fae’s permission. Be respectful. Know that if they are lied to, tricked or used, they will bring it back on the ones that did it to them. Fae magick is not the easiest type of magick to learn. It is considered advanced magick by most practitioners.


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