Energy Work

Energy work is a form of alternative medicine that relies on the idea that the body is filled with and surrounded by energy fields that can be manipulated. By working with these energy fields, practitioners believe that they can promote harmony and balance for their clients, addressing specific medical conditions in addition to easing emotional distress. Energy work takes a wide variety of forms, and it is on offer from practitioners in many areas of the world.

According to energy workers, the health of the human body and mind rely on stability in the energy fields around the body. If the energy is blocked or disturbed, someone may feel a corresponding illness or emotional unease. Practitioners attempt to feel the energy in their clients and to manipulate it, eliminating blockages, undoing knots, and addressing areas where the energy appears to be flowing counterintuitively.

Some forms of energy work are quite ancient. More modern forms involve visualizing the energy field around the body and working with this field without actually touching the client, with some practitioners claiming that they can see a colored aura around their patients. Reiki is an example of this type.

Practitioners offering energy work come in a range of philosophies and styles. Some people have a more empirical approach to their work, attempting to use scientific methods to explore the flow of energy in their clients, while others prefer a more holistic approach. People who want to  explore this form of alternative medicine may want to meet with several

practitioners to  talk about their styles before making an

appointment for a session.