Are items which are enchanted with magical traits, typically carried on the person for a magical purpose. This may also be referred to as a mojo bag, poppet, amulet or talisman. Bear in mind that in some magical traditions, a spell itself can be referred to as a charm.


A poppet is a life-like figure or doll made to represent a person or animal and is used in ritual, magic and spell-craft to effect change through the application of sympathetic magick. Fill the person shaped cloth with herbs, scrolls, and charms that represent your desire. Symbols can be drawn on the outside as well. Another use for a poppet is to make it as a representation of a person or thing and contains items associated with or belonging to that same person or object.  Once made and magically charged, any action performed upon the poppet, is thought to cause or effect a similar reaction on the person or object it represents.


An amulet is a necklace or charm that is designed and enchanted with the specific purpose of  protecting the wearer from negative energy, demons, spirits, etc.  An amulet can be made of metal, fabric, leather, clay, etc.


A talisman is an object, often a crystal or gemstone, that has a specific ability to aid a person in focusing and amplifying his or her power. A talisman is not a lucky rock. The power of a talisman is its ability to aid you in achieving the future you desire. As a focus, it serves to control your feelings to lead you to the right thoughts. It serves to focus your thoughts to lead you to perform the actions you need to take. It focuses your actions, creating important new habits. It is through these new habits that your desired destiny is achieved.

Mojo Bags

A mojo bag is a bag filled with herbs, scrolls, charms, etc. to bring a specific need. For the first week you’ll want to keep the mojo against your skin at all times. This lets the mojo become accustomed to you. After that first week is done, you no longer need to keep the mojo bag right up against your skin. You may keep it in your pocket, in your book bag, in your purse or in your dresser drawer at home. I recommend you carry it with you when you specifically want its magical effects around you. Once a week, feed your mojo bag to keep it strong and powerful. by 5-spotting the bag with the condition oil it came with. Put a dab on the four corners of the mojo bag and one in the middle (like the pattern of the “5” side of a die). This keeps its energy strong, and motivates it to keep working on your behalf.