Candle Colors in Magick

White: Moon (planet), Full Moon, Goddess, Blessing, Protection, Cleansing, Monday

Red: Anger, Passion, Motivation, Courage, Confidence, Lust, War, Fire (element), Mars, Tuesday

Pink: Friendship, Love, Romance, Venus, Aphrodite, Friday

Orange: Attraction, Magnetism, Wednesday, Mercury, Joy, Happiness

Gold: Sun, Apollo, Adonis, God, Wealth, Success, Abundance

Yellow: Air (element), Sun, Sunday, Sun God, Success, Clarity, Concentration, Speech, Thoughts, Focus

Green: Venus, Friday, Abundance, Money, Finances, Growth, Fertility

Light Blue: Peace, Healing

Dark Blue: Health (maintenance), fertility, Deep Healing (usually emotional issues), Jupiter, Thursday, Dark of the Moon, New Moon, Moon (planet), Monday

Purple: Power, Magick, Empowerment, Courage, Confidence, Jupiter, Manifestation, Thursday

Brown: Earth (element), Stability, Security, Grounding

   Black: Saturn, Saturday, Banishing, Binding, Karma, Security, Stability, Responsibility

Silver: Moon, Goddess


*Compiled from various sources