Handcrafted Wood

All of the beautiful woodwork in this section is a product of our youngest son's amazing craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit. Handmade in his very own home workshop (next door lol), he's growing an incredible business of his own, with all proceeds from sales on this site going directly to him just as if he had sold them on hi won site his upcoming launch of www.Everythingwouldwork.com

These coasters are not only beautifully designed and crafted, but they also make for an excellent gift for any occasion. From housewarmings to weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, they're perfect for adding a touch of minimalist elegance to any home. And with the holiday season fast approaching, they're an ideal choice for your loved ones.

Order a set of our Poplar Coasters today, and not only will you be supporting a small business, but you'll also be adding a unique, handmade touch to your home decor.