Using Candles to Work with Your Chakras

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The chakras are energy points on the body that align our energies. Each point resonates with different properties. When they are clear they help us stay connected to everything and each other. When they are out of balance they can cause trouble. And when they are balanced they can help bring harmony into our lives!




Sit in a quiet room with the lights low, light one of the following chakra candles, and begin to breathe. 

Keep a controlled, rhythmic breath pattern for a few minutes. 

Feel and visualize a bright white light coming down through the top of your head. 

As this light passes through the chakra visualize it open and begin to swirl. 

See the color of that chakra shine through the light and get stronger. 

Once the first chakra feel open, activated, and empowered move on to the next. 

Hold your visualization as long as you'd like. 

Some say you should leave your chakras open to help connect to the universe. 

Some say you should close them before you finish your meditation. 

IF you choose to close them just picture the light reversing and the chakra slowing and closing as you work through the top of your head again. 

Be sure to ground your energy by seeing any excess flow into the ground beneath your feet.








The chakra candles are designed to aid you in working with each chakra individually. Each candle is colored and scented to align your energy with the ideal vibration of the particular chakra you are working with. They come in 3" x3" Pillars and 2" x 4" Pillars. Both sizes are infused with the power of a full size crystal embedded in the bottom that matches the chakra it represents. Not yet pictured each candle comes with a parchment label containing the chakra symbol and information about the chakra. Soon to come Pillars with charms wrapped with a ribbon!




These chakra votives are wonderful for working with each chakra over time or all together! Each votive is designed to align your energy with the ideal energy vibration of the particular chakra you are working with. Each votive is infused with the power of crystal chips embedded in them that match the chakra it represents.






The crystal chip chakra candle is made to enhance your chakra meditations with the power of crystal energy. Crystals have a perfect structure and therefore are ideal for matching up our energy centers with their perfect structure. This makes this candle amazing for chakra meditation.


Click the images above to order yours today!


 How do you work with your Chakras?

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