Paranormal and Cleansing: Being Safe When Dealing with the Other Side

The Paranormal is a part of reality for most of us. Especially as witches we are regularly connected to the universe around us and that includes those who have crossed to the other side of the veil. 

Whether you are a Paranormal Investigator, Psychic, Medium, or every day person negative energies or spirits can slip into our lives. Negativity can change our lives so drastically sometimes without us even realizing what the cause may be. Using a smudge stick in the home to cleanse the space can help. But what if it doesn't? What if the negative influence has already attached to you? Then you may need something a bit stronger than a smudge stick.

Sacred Mists Bath Salts can help! Salt is believed in almost all religious traditions to cleanse negativity. Also considered to be a powerful cleanser of negative energies is water, Frankincense, Copal Resin, and White Sage. Lavender flowers are great for helping you relax and find peace in a chaotic situation. So we decided to mix all of these ingredients with a powerful bit of magick to create an amazing way to cleanse these negative energies or spirits from within and without.

Dragon's Blood Bath Salts are also great for cleansing and protecting from future attachments and influences. These salts are created with Dragon's Blood resins and oils which creates the deep red color!

If you feel like everything is falling apart or things are much harder than would normally be you may be being influence by a negative presence. Draw a nice warm bath and add up to 1/2 a cup of Bath Salts into the water to dissolve. As you relax in the bath you can say a cleansing prayer, visualize the negative energy leaving your body and dissipating, etc. Enjoy your bath. When you get out dry off with downward motions and visualize any residual negative energy sluff off.

Cleansings and Blessings to the home are a great way to rid your space of negativity. Our complete Home Cleansing and Blessing Kit contains 1 white 4" chime candle, 4" Smudge Stick, 2" x 2" baggie of sea salt, 2" x 2" baggie of Black salt, 2" x 2" baggie of Frankincense, 4 mil bottle of Olive Oil, and Black Tourmaline Chunk. One of our most popular products it is used by home owners, mediums, paranormal investigation groups, and cast and crew for shows all of who have raved about it.

Cleansing candles can help rid your space of negative energies as well. We carry a few different kinds to choose from.

Sacred Smudge Spell Melts are simple cleansing candles. Place the melter in the center of the house or room you are having issues with, say a cleansing chant or prayer, and allow to melt.  

Meditation Candle is a simple candle spell. Dress the candle and use a meditation or petition paper technique to rid yourself of the unwanted energy.  

Sacred Smoke Votive CandlesSacred Smoke Pillar, and Sacred Smoke Conjure Candle are cleansing candles in 3 different types based on personal preference which can be used to cleanse a home, person, group, etc.


Sacred Smudge Spell Mix is a great herbal blend created with herbs known to banish negative energies. It is great for using to make Mojo BagsPoppet Kits, and Conjure Oil.

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