Poppet Magick

Poppet Magick is a form of sympathetic magick. What is done to the symbol shall be done to the target. Poppets are made from many different materials. Some, like these, are made from cloth and stiffed with herbs, crystals, etc. Some are made with wax (we make custom wax poppets by request), wood, bone, etc.

Some people think only negative magick can be cast with the use of a poppet (or voodoo doll), but that is not the case! You can draw any type of energy or manifestation to your through these adorable dolls!


Our Poppet Kits come with almost everything you need to make your own poppet. Each kit comes with 1 partially stuffed and pre-sewn poppet doll, 1 taper candle (4"), 1 baggie of herbs with crystal chips, 1 vial of oil, 1 baggie of incense, 1 piece of parchment petition paper, filler and 1 piece of Copal Resin for the heart.

There are several ways to cast poppet magick depending on the poppet type you choose. Our kits come with instructions and most everything you need. You only supply the tag lock (something to tie the poppet to the target) and the power of intention.

Read through the different color poppets and what they can do for you! Click on the Poppet Color Link to get your own doll and start changing your life!

Black Poppets can be created for Banishing, Protection, and Hexing/Vengeance.

Blue Poppets can be created for Peace, Psychic Powers, and Healing.

Green Poppets can be created for Money magick, Stability, and Abundance

Purple Poppets can be created for Justice, Power Boost, and Luck

Red Poppets can be created for Love, Passion, Strength, and Beauty

White Poppets can be created for Protection, Cleansing, Wisdom, and Uncrossing

Yellow Poppets can be created for Happiness, Success, and a Mental Boost



For Communication, and Creativity

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