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Mojo bags are a wonderful way to cast any spell. They are versatile and so easy to make. As a form of attraction magick you want to make sure the bag stays in the space or with the person you want to effect.

Mojo bags are created by adding herbs, crystals, charms, etc. to  bag colored for the magick you are casting. Dress the bag with oils and charge. A mojo bag should be kept somewhere it can rest on the skin for the first week or so but not while you are in water. After that you can keep in anywhere on you or near you. Feed the bag at minimum once a month by redressing and breathing it to renew the power.

Some traditions believe no one should see or touch your bag. If you are new to magick that will be best. Once you have mastered control of your magick and it's effects on your environment it no longer matters if one sees it, but I would still avoid anyone but the intended user touching the bag.



Our Mojo Bag Kits come with almost everything you need to make your own mojo bag. Each kit comes with 1 cloth circle, 1 taper candle (4"), 1 baggie of herbs with crystal chips, 1 vial of oil, 1 bag of incense, 1 piece of parchment petition paper, 1 feather, extra stuffing, and 1 ribbon with attached charm. The kit also comes with instructions on how to use if you need them. You encouraged to use them as you see fit and with your own spells if possible.

Click the Mojo Bag Color links to get your mojo bag today and start taking control of your future!

Black Mojo Bag:

Protection - Pentacle charm, Black Tourmaline
Banishing - Triquetra charm, Quartz
Hexing/Vengeance - Dragon charm, Quartz

Blue Mojo Bag:

Tranquility - Moon charm, Moonstone
Healing - Wing Charm, Turquoise
Psychic Powers - Triquetra charm, Amethyst

Green Mojo Bag:

Money - Coin charm, Citrine
Fertility - Tree charm, Garnet
Abundance - Key charm, Tiger's eye

Purple Mojo Bag:

Justice- Key charm, Jasper
Power Boost - Triquetra charm, Moonstone
Luck - Dragon charm, Citrine

Red Mojo Bag:

Love - Heart charm, Rose Quartz
Passion - Handcuffs charm, Garnet
Strength -Tree Charm, Jasper
Beauty - Faerie charm, Rose Quartz

White Mojo Bag:

Cleansing - Wing charm, Quartz
Protection - Pentacle charm, Black Tourmaline
Wisdom -Dragonfly charm, Moonstone
Uncrossing - Wing charm, Quartz

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