How to Read Your Candle Magick

Candle Magick is so much more than just focus, burn, and hope. As our candle burns to bring our intentions to manifest we can use the flame, the container if it is in one, and the smoke to determine how our spell is faring. All of our spell candles come with a condensed version of this list to help you read your candle spell as it performs.

Not everything the candle does will be a sign of your magick. Making sure you follow the instruction on properly burning a candle (on the back of the box if you buy our candles) you can eliminate a lot of variables so that most of what your candle does will be indicator of how the spell is doing.


The Flame

High Steady and Strong flame: This shows that your spell is progressing ideally. There is little to no opposition and everything is moving along smoothly. Your result should appear soon.

Low or Weak Flame: Indicates opposition to your spell. This opposition is from within; a lack of focus or power, or using too general an intention. You need to refocus and try again.

Crackling or popping flame: Time to Listen!! Someone is trying to communicate with you or assist or hinder you in this work. Hearing what they have to say could make all the difference in how this spell goes off.

Unsteady or Flickering flame: Can indicate someone or something is actively trying to counter your spell. The higher the flicker the stronger the opposition. Strengthen your focus and power to beat them. Calling in assistance to boost your magick may also help.

Having to Relight Flame: Could show self doubt in your casting or opposition from the spirits. Keep focusing and believe in yourself.

Multiple Flames or Whole Top Burning: Someone is working with you! Be it a guardian, another witch, a spirit they believe in your spell and are willing to help.


The Smoke

Puffs of White Smoke: Is a great sign that your spell went off without a hitch and will be successful

Puffs of Black Smoke: Negativity surrounds this working and fighting against it. A cleansing before continuing as well as reevaluating your goal to be sure it's what you really want.


The Candle

Candle does not light: Someone in your soul circle is telling you this spell should not be done. Since they are only interested in your best life you should listen.

Candle does not go out: This can indicate your spell is incomplete and should not be put out yet. Let it burn longer and try to put it out again when there are signs to do so or it finishes on it's own.

Burning on One Side Only: Only part of your spell will be successful. It could be that the other part wasn't right for the situation or your life. Or it can mean that the core of the situation can't be fixed with this type of focus or spell. Re-approach your intention from another angle and try again.

Exploding or Spreading Fire with the Candle: You are under magickal attack from someone else or by your own hand. If you are casting a hex at someone who is protected this can show it is rebounding back to you. Act fast to clear the magick before it attaches to you.

Candle goes out in Middle of Spell:  Spell was interrupted on your end or the end of the other party depending on where it was directed. Scrape out enough wax to leave 1/4" wick exposed and start again.

Candle burns down very quickly: This can represent your desperation to be successful. Overpowering a spell can have a wide array of unpredictable effects on your life. Grounding and centering can help tame these effects a bit so that your spell doesn't go haywire!


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