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Herbal Magick is one of the most popular form of magick practiced today next to candle magick. Herbs are great for using in poppets, mojo bags, dressing candles, potions, tinctures, teas, spices, etc. They are so versatile you can do almost anything with them.

All of our Herbs are organically grown to boost the natural power of your magick. Click the Herb name below to get yours today and start making beautiful (and possibly tasty) magick!

Below is a list of the herbs we carry and their magickal properties as well as a link to choose between various sizes and containers. Clicking the link will give you more information on the use of the herb as well. Each herb choice comes in either 3"x4" baggie, 1 oz. (volume) corked vial, or 4 oz. french square bottle. As an extra BONUS if you purchase 3 of the 3"x4" baggies you get to choose a 4th (lowest price herb) FREE!  Just leave your free herb choice in the notes at checkout.

ANGELICA ROOT: Meditation, Protection, Divination, Exorcism, Healing

BASIL LEAF: Wealth, Calming, Happy Marriage, Banishing Negativity

BAY LEAF: Protection, Psychic Power, Purification, Strength

CALENDULA: Love, Protection, Consecration, Psychic Work

CATNIP: Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness, Fae Work

CHAMOMILE: Fortune, Justice, Prosperity, Rest

COPAL RESIN: Protection, Cleansing, Love

DANDELION LEAF: Psychic Powers, Calling Spirits

EUCALYPTUS LEAF: Protection and Healing

FIVE FINGER GRASS: Money, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep

FRANKINCENSE: Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality

GINGER ROOT: Passion, Strength, Boost Spell Work, Success


HIBISCUS: Love, Passion, Psychic, Inspiration, Peace

HYSSOP: Protection, Purification, Cleansing, Spiritual Opening

JASMINE: Love, Money, Visions, Peace

JUNIPER BERRIES: Exorcism, Psychic Power, Cursing or Hexing, and Breaking Curses and Hexes

LAVENDER: Peace, Insomnia, Love, Faerie Magick, Calming

LEMON BALM: Love, Rest, Goddess Invocation, Fulfillment

LEMONGRASS: Healing, Motivation, Psychic Power, Spirit Communication


MARSHMALLOW ROOT: Protection, Calling Spirits, Psychic Power, Aphrodisiac

MEADOWSWEET: Love, Beauty, Soul Mates

MUGWORT: Astral Work, Protection, Psychic Power, Magick Power, Tool Cleansing

NETTLE: Banishing, Break Curses, Protection

ORANGE PEEL: Rewards, Hard work, Prosperity, Success

PATCHOULI LEAF: Love, Money, Divination, Fertility

PENNYROYAL: Strength, Endurance, Protection, Success

PEPPERMINT: Increasing Vibrations, Chakra Magick, Money, Prophetic Dreams, Studying, Spirit Calling

RASPBERRY LEAF: Fidelity, Women's Magick, Spirituality

RED CLOVER: Luck, Love, Happy Marriage, Remove Negativity

ROSE PETALS: Love, Psychic Power, Passion, Beauty

RED SANDALWOOD: Protection, Healing, Exorcism

ROSEMARY: Protection, Purification, Healing, Memory Boost, Studying

SAGE LEAF: Cleansing, Protection, Purification, Money, Prosperity, Wisdom

ST. JOHNS WORT: Midsummer, Exorcism, Women's Mysteries, Purification

STAR ANISE: Psychic Power, Luck, Consecration

VERVAIN: Wishes, Love, Protection, Peace, Wealth

WHITE OAK BARK: Portals, Centering, Hex Breaking, Protection

WHITE SAGE: Cleansing, Protection, Banishing

YARROW: Love, Happy Marriage, Psychic Power

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