Essential Oils Magick Properties, Uses, and Supplies!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are great for making potions, dressing candles, poppets, mojo bags, and other spell work. Pure essential oils are required for spell work. Fragrances and fake oils do not contain the properties necessary for manifesting magick and will not help you. However make sure you dilute the essential oil in a carrier before use, especially if you are using it on your skin.

I also do not suggest using MLM oils for magick (or anything really)  as independent testing labs have found little to no true essential oils in their products when tested but do find synthetics including petroleum derived chemicals.

Below is a list of our Essential Oils and their magickal properties. Click the name to get your oils for your personal magicks today!

AMBER: Happiness, Meditation, Comfort, Spirituality

ANISE: Meditation, Psychic Work, Spirit Communication, Protection

BASIL: Money, Wealth, Business Success, Prosperity, Peace, Love

CAMPHOR: Banishing, Love, Psychic Power, Enlightenment, Cleansing

CEDAR: Healing, Purification, Strength, Money, Spirituality, Protection

CINNAMON: Psychic Awareness, Passion, Luck, Love

CITRONELLA: Protection, Aura Cleansing, Communication, Mind Clearing

CLARY SAGE: Clarity, Wisdom, Healing Blocks, Hexing, Cursing

EUCALYPTUS: Cleansing, Protection, Healing

FRANKINCENSE: Purification, Protection, Spiritualism, Meditation

JUNIPER: Exorcism, Psychic Power, Cursing or Hexing, and Breaking Curses and Hexes

LAVENDER: Peace, Insomnia, Love, Faerie Magick, Calming

LEMONGRASS: Healing, Motivation, Psychic Power, Spirit Communication

LIME: Purification, Physical Energy, Protection, Healing, Love

MYRRH: Lift Vibrations, Peace, Spell Booster, Cleansing, Purification, Blessing

NUTMEG: Prosperity, Luck, Psychic Power, Fortune, Justice, Meditation

ORANGE: Business Success, Rewards, Prosperity, Peace, Balance, Healing

PALMAROSA: Healing, Love, Strength, Confidence, Compassion, Fidelity, Purpose

PATCHOULI: Passion, Love, Attraction, Divination, Money, Fertility, Lust

PEPPERMINT: Increasing Vibrations, Chakra Magick, Money, Prophetic Dreams, Studying, Spirit Calling

ROSEMARY: Memory Recall, Information Retention, Protection, Creativity, Clarity

TEA TREE: Healing, Cleansing, Purification

VETIVER: Love, Grounding, Protection, Calming

YLANG-YLANG: Peace, Joy, Love, Psychic Power, Transformation

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