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Crystals also known as Crystalline Silica are made from Silicon and Oxygen which are the 2 most abundant elements on the planet.The atoms bond together when placed under pressure. The pressure creates a three-dimensional repeating pattern which gives the crystals their structure. When broken the crystal keeps it's original pattern which lends to one of the most popular theories behind why they are great for healing.

Modern crystal healing is based on traditions borrowed from the Chinese concept of chi and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of Chakras, which are centers of energy, said to connect the physical and supernatural bodies. During a session a crystal healer may place various stones or crystals on your body. Sometimes they align with the chakra points and sometimes their positioning may be chosen for the symptoms reported by the client. It can also include talismans which are crystals and stones worn on the body or placed in the environment to prevent or heal sickness, banish negative energy or absorb positive energy.

Crystals are of great use in the technology industry due to their excellent capability to conduct electricity and hold massive amounts of data. Different crystals vibrate at a specific frequency when an electric current is passed through them which made them great for making radios. As radio technology improved the transmitters held several different crystals to allow transmission on different frequencies. Vibrating crystals can also be used for time keeping. A quartz clock uses the vibration of a quartz crystal to measure time. When the crystal has an electric current passed through it, the crystal will vibrate at 60 hertz (60 times per second).

Whether you use them for technology, healing, decor, or another use crystals have always been viewed as something of beauty and are still often used inside pieces of jewelry, grids, placed around the home, kept on your person, in mojo bags or poppets, etc.

Below is a list of crystals we carry and their magick properties. Click on the crystal link to get your crystals today!!


AMETHYST (TUMBLED or POINTS): Third Eye Chakra, Love, Happiness, Dreams, Spirituality

BLACK TOURMALINE: Protection,Banishing, Grounding

BLUE ONYX: Letting Go, Balance, Throat Chakra

CARNELIAN: Concentration, Creativity, Sacral Chakra

CHERRY QUARTZ: Clarity, Hope, Relief

CITRINE (TUMBLED or POINTS): Concentration, Creativity, Sacral Chakra

FLUORITE: Conection. Focus. Decisions.

GREEN AVENTURINE: Prosperity, Love, Heart Chakra

KYANITE, BLUE: Psychic Connection, Communication, Tranquility

MOONSTONE: Intuition, Wisdom, Goddess Energy, Meditation

QUARTZ (TUMBLED or POINTS): Clarity, Meditation, Communicate with Spirits

RED JASPER: Justice, Protection, Root Chakra

ROSE QUARTZ (TUMBLED or RAW): Love, Beauty, Confidence

SODALITE: Thought, Intuition, Self Esteem, Balance

TIGER'S EYE: Wealth, Courage, Protection, Luck











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