Candle Magick Styles and Spells!

candle magick candle spells spell candle types

Candle Magick is probably the most popular form of magic used today. You can use any type of candle from wax melts to pillars. Some candles are scented, unscented, tall, short, plain or extremely decorative as you will find here (and in other shops we have inspired over the last few decades).  Continue reading for information and links to get your powerful candle magick today!

Wax Spell Melts

Spell Melts are great for filling a space with power to manifest your desires! Use an inscribing tool to write any symbols or words to direct your intention on them. Hold them in your hands and fill with energy before placing them in a burner to release the magick!

Votive Spell Candles

Votive Spell candles are unique to use for spell casting in that most of them are used in pairs utilizing sympathetic and attraction magick techniques. Each candle is held individually and charged (filled with focus and energy) individually based on its representation. Once lit the candles are either placed close together and gradually moved further apart to banish energies, or placed separately and gradually moved together to attract energies. Some are circled with herbs, sugar, nails, dead bugs, etc. depending on the type of spell you're casting.

Pillar Spell Candles

Pillar Spell candles are the most widely used of the spell candles. they are beautiful to use and can be put out and used more than once to cast your magick. If you are a beginner or follow certain paths only use one candle per spell. Once you have mastered your magick and how it effects your environment you will be able to use one candle for many different spells as long as there is still candle left. Watch out for shop owners who tell you not to reuse candles. They are either not very experienced in magick and that makes them dangerous, or they are trying to make a quick buck off of you which means they don't care to make sure you are getting what you need.

Pillar Spell candles are usually dressed (if not already) and charged with your intention and energy and sealed in by circling your dominant hand over the pillar 3 times and pushing down the sides. Light the candle and let it sit. Some spells require you meditate while casting, leave lit until burned down, burn a little at a time until gone, or light as needed. You can ring herbs, sugar, nails, honey, etc. around them to help boost their magick as well.

Container Conjure Candles

Conjure candles are also called Novena candles, Seven Day candles, Devotional candles, and more. These candles are made in tall glass containers and are designed for spells that last over several days (usually 7 is why they are called 7-day candles). Our Conjure Candles are created with herbs, crystals, and other items embedded in the top and throughout the wax to bring more power to them.

These candles are generally used by charging them with your power, and lighting. Some spells require them stay lit until they burn out and some ask that you light as needed or a little each day until it is gone. Similarly to pillars once charged circle your dominant hand over it three times to set it in but with Conjure candles you also want to place them on the altar or table with an audible bang (not hard enough to crack but hard enough to be heard) in order to lock the energy in and announce your prepared to release the energy.

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